More about Mindworks

Welcome to Mindworks, my practice in Trafalgar Square. I am located at the back of a lovely quiet building in the heart of London (its an old MOD/MI5 building I think) and it is a relative sanctuary from the hustle and bustle outside, apart from the occasional helicopter.

I see private and corporate clients here Monday to Friday, often early until late, and have reached a stage where demand has sadly outstripped supply. I do limit the number of clients I can see in a day and as such availability is always tight.

In spite of this I still offer a 30 min consultation, free of charge if you require reassurance before committing to change. It’s an opportunity for us to meet informally and for you to ask all the questions you need to ask. In most cases it is not necessary, but if it is required I will often suggest we roll straight into the first session in order to

maximise time if you are suitably reassured after that 30-minute period. Sessions (which are spaced at regular intervals throughout the day) last between 60 and 90 minutes and are charged at £235 and £275 after 6pm.

These sessions are scheduled to suit your need, subject to availability and on a first come, first served basis. Most presenting cases require only two to three sessions spaced approximately a week apart depending on the ‘severity’ of the issue and the progress we make in the first session.

Smoking cessation sessions are £395 and last 90 minutes to 2 hours. This includes a free back up session for the one in twenty (approx) who may require it. If you want to stop smoking and are committed to stopping I will help you get there quickly and painlessly.

Payment for all sessions can be made on major credit/debit cards.

In some cases a deposit will be asked for and a full session cancellation charge is levied and enforced on sessions cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled time.

1 Northumberland Avenue
Trafalgar Square

020 7872 5606